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About the project

03.02.2005, 14:44

Goals of the project:

  1. Training of students and young research workers in basic skills of work with internet resources, more particular work in regime of web-forum, internet conference and internet seminar on a bilingual website;
  2. Promotion of the most promising young scholars from Russian provincial universities by means of update internet technologies, and providing them virtual space for communication with their foreign colleagues;
  3. Providing additional opportunities for establishing and maintaining individual scholarly contacts with foreign researchers;
  4. Creating of local web-resource for research publication of the materials discussed on the sessions of the seminar and mid-year conferences.

Main tasks of the project:

  1. Technological
    Organization of web-forum using web-resources of the South Ural State University and IATP (Project Harmony Inc, Moscow)
  2. Organizational
    1. Organization of regular thematic sessions of the seminar
    2. Organization of mid-year conferences (at the end of each academic term)
  3. Educational
    Providing the introductory course
  4. Research
    1. Presentation if individual and collective research projects on the seminar
    2. Research debate on the projects presented
    3. Creating the virtual "forum of ideas"
    4. Publication of the most successful projects in the web

Coordinators of the project

Leader of the project:
Julia Khmelevskaya, PhD, associate professor of the World History Sub-department. Responsibilities:
general coordination of the project, facilitating international communication (English language), organizing mid-year conferences, financial reports.

Chief research advisor:
Igor Narsky, PhD, professor of History, Sub-Department of Russian History before 1917
Working out the methodological background of the project, defining of the problems and topics to be discussed, research advising the projects

Olga Nikonova, PhD, associate professor of the Sub-Department of Contemporary Russian History
Organization of competition for participation in the project, facilitating international communication in German language, editing papers for publication in the web.

Technical advisor:
Oxana Nagornaya, PhD, associate professor of the Sub-department of World History
Organization of current sessions of the seminar, technological monitoring and administering of the sessions

Coordinator of Swiss side:
Carmen Scheide, PhD, Historical Seminar of the University of Basel
General coordination of participation of the researchers and students of Historical Seminar of Basel University in the project


Long-term institutional partnership of the South Ural State and Basel Universities

Uniqueness of the project
This project is pilot for the region and designated for purposeful teaching young historians from regional universities the basic skills of work with the most update communicative resources and providing them with the opportunity of overcoming the informational isolation and joining the international research dialogue.


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