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Frequently Asked Questions

28.01.2004, 19:58

Rules of dicussion

Articles to be discussed are located at ?Current Projects?. This page is designed to let you ask your questions and add comments to the project being discussed.

To add your comment, click the title of the project, then go to the bottom of the page where you find the special form.

Preliminary registration is not required but we strongly recommend you to enter your name and e-mail.

To enter your comment put it at the window and press ?done? ? it will be added to the general list of comments to this particular article. To see your comments as well as notes left by other participants go to ?comments? where you find the list of all additions made to the project discussed.

The administrators are authorized to eliminate messages that are anonymous or do not relate to the topic of the site.

Where can I find materials of previous discussions?

After finishing each particular session of discussion all materials along with comments and queries are stored in the archive. You may not leave your comments once material is in the archive.

Can we contact you by e-mail?

Find the addresses of webmaster and coordinators of the projects at ?Contact us? and ?Coordinators of the project?.

If you have more questions as to the procedure of discussion, leave your query at the bottom of this page along with your name and address.


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