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Coordinators of the project

03.02.2005, 15:00

Basel Team

Since 1991 the Historical Institute of the Basel University has a professorship for East European and Modern History. Beside Heiko Haumann as professor two university lecturer (each 50%) and an student assistant are working there. We offer lectures for beginners and graduates.


- Epochs: mainly 19th and 20th century history

- Regions: Russia, the Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, Southeastern Europe

- special interest: Jewish history in Eastern Europe

- Methods: Microhistory, gender studies, local and regional history, cultural studies, history if life worlds (?lebenswelt?)

Prof. Heiko Haumann (1945), professor for East European and Modern History at the Historical department of the University of Basel. Many publications about the history of Russian and the Soviet Union, History of East European Jews, polish-swiss relations and regional studies.

Julia Richers (1975), lic. Phil. (i.e. MA), studied East European history and English in Budapest and Berlin. Since 2001 university lecturer at the professorship for East European and Modern History. Writes her dissertation about ?The Change of jewish life worlds in 19th century Budapest?.

Dr. Carmen Scheide (1965), studied East European and Modern History and slavic languages in Munich and Freiburg/Br.. Since 1995 she has been working as university lecturer in Basel. In 1999 she finished her dissertation ?Children, kitchen, communism. The interdependence between daily life of women and official politics in the early Soviet Union. A study about Moscow working women.? Contemporarily she researches about the memorial culture of the Great Patriotic War in the former Soviet Union.

Chelyabinsk Team

Julia Khmelevskaya (1967)

PhD (2000), Associate Professor of the World History Sub-Department,

Research Associate at the Center for Cultural HIstory Studies

Courses taught: Early Modern History, Introduction in historical anthropology, Historiography of Modern and Contemporary History of Europe and America.

Participant of several exchange programs in the USA and Europe

Scholarly interests: Cultural history, collective memory, social and cultural legacy of World War I,

mutual perceptions of the Russians, English and Americans in the first half of the XX century.

Igor V. Narsky (1959)

Doctor of Science (1995), Professor of Russian History (1996),

Member of the Russian Academy of Military History (2000)

Professor of the Sub-department of the Russian History before 1917;

Head of the center for Cultural HIstory Studies(since 2000)

Courses taught: Methodology of History,а special course ?Survival Strategies of the Russian Population in 1914-1945?

Author of more than 90 publications, including 4 monographs.

Participant of several research programs and numerous conferences in Germany and Switserland, visiting professorship at the Institute for East European Studies, Tuebingen University, Germany (2002-2003)

Field of interest: Cultural history, cultural memory and the ways of its preservation, methodology of history

Olga Nikonova (1969)

PhD (1996), Associate Professor of the Russian Contemporary History Dept

Research Associate at the Center for Cultural History Studies

Courses taught: Russian History (1914-1941); Contemporary Russian Historiography; special course ?Stalinism in the Context of Everyday History?

Participant of several reserach programs and joint projects in Germany and Russia.

Field of interest: Alltagsgeschichte, cultural history, Stalinism in social and cultural dimension

Oxana Nagornaya (1977)

PhD (2002), Associate Professor of the World History Sub-Department,

Research Associate at the Center for Cultural History Studies

Courses taught: Introduction in World History of the XX Century, Modern History of Europe and America; special course ?The Great War and European Society?

Participant of several exchange and research programs and seminars in Germany and Russia.

Field of interest: collective memory, cultural history, history of World War I


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